What’s On the Agenda – August 2017 Edition

Bloggers, readers, gamers, power bomb attacks alike! August is now upon us. As always, with the coming of the new month, I like to take the time to reflect on my tasks I set for myself last month, and set new goals or revisit old ones.

Last months What’s on the Agenda – July 2017 Edition, I had set goals to release reviews for four games respectively each week. Sadly, I missed one of those dates for Elliot Quest, but of no fault of my own. I had scheduled the finish the game when I wanted, or so I thought. Near what seemed like the end, I hit a game breaking bug. There is an item that you MUST collect in order to advance in the final dungeon. This is a mandatory item as far as my google searches lead me to believe. When collecting this item, the game freezes and the 3DS crashes and restarts. It sucks… because up until this point, I was really digging Elliot Quest. I’m not the only one who has hit this bug. The game already had a patch to fix performance issues with the 3DS version, however this still persists. The publishers twitter account stated that a patch was in the works, but I haven’t seen any activity on that for some time now. For a heavily single player focused game where progression is key, and just wanting to see the final boss is a big thing I look forward too, I’m not up for posting a review for an unfinished single player game.

On a more positive note, I was able to get three of the four reviews done. Here are the links to them below if you’re interested.

ARMS Review

The Darkside Detective Review

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Review

Even though I did not get that last of the reviews out, thanks to Athena Veta at Ambigamer for tagging me in her 10 Happy Thoughts post, I took the time to create my own happy list. It was great to read what makes her happy, and share my same Top 10 Happies. It was also great seeing the community continually post their same lists, whether it be in comments sections of dedicated posts, it’s great reading what makes people happy outside of gaming. Really read some sweet and touching things people had to say about their loved ones.

As for the backlog… yes the dreaded backlog. July saw some progress. My brother and I ended up beating Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. A long hard fought adventure, that ended in one of the most climatic ways for us. I’m going to have a post about the whole ordeal up Monday next week. So stay tuned, it’s not a review, but a pretty in depth look at why I can’t get enough of Donkey Kong Country. I also got through Limbo at last. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, but the end section with all it’s mind bending puzzles was fantastic. I plan to have a post up about that whole end sequence and how cool it was. Maybe I’ll try breaking down the ending in some form. But without further delay, here are the current stats for my backlog…

Backlog stats
15.1% complete
45 to go

Not bad, but I still have some ways to go. I’m pretty happy I was able to get eight games completed since the start of the year. For me, that’s pretty damned good.

Now looking forward, July was a pretty busy month. Life outside the blog was pretty good, but in terms of what I was working on here, I felt I once again over committed, and as a result, nearly burned myself out. Trying to keep up with the reviews I committed to was pretty tough mid way through the month. Last thing I want is for this blog to become something that wears me down. I also realized most of what I’ve been posting lately has either been straight up reviews, or news. I have been getting away from half of what drew me here in the first place, and that’s freely talking about whatever comes to mind in the world of gaming. I went into that a bit in July while writing about Why Super Mario 3D World is Truly Rated “E” For Everyone. I love writing game reviews, but I also just like freely talking about maybe just one aspect of a game that really stood out to me. It’s where pieces like this were very fun to write and think back on. I touched on some key family bonding moments in this post, and the importance of local coop gaming, while still getting my point across that I really love the game. It it’s own way, it’s a form of a review I’d say.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough, here’s a quick preview of what to expect this month.


Question of the Month: August 2017 Edition


I’m proud to say that starting this month, I’ll be participating in Later Levels Question of the Month. I don’t want to give anything away just yet, so tune in this Thursday here for my contribution to the event. Later Levels official post will go live Friday, August 4th, 0600 GMT. Be sure to check it out and partake in the discussions and cast your vote.


Entering Limbo


I originally planned on doing a full review of Limbo, but as life got in the way, I never got around to it. I do still want to talk about this game though, especially the entire end sequence. I thought it was fantastic, and would love to go into detail of some of the great puzzles it threw my way.


Why I Need Another Donkey Kong Country Game… and FAST!


After the completion of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, I was compelled to write about the whole ordeal leading up to it’s climatic ending. Check back here next Monday for my post on that.


Game of Thrones: Season 7


Yes, this may not be gaming related, but my wife and I are pretty excited for season 7. After Episode 3 last Sunday, I was pretty blown away by how things have gone down so far. I’d love to start some weekly report on my thoughts on each episode. Starting this week with Episode 3. I may be late into the game, but it’s better late than never.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice


I’ve seen some coverage of this game show up over the past month. I’m pretty damn intrigued. I was turned to this game from a post by Musings of a Mario Minion on Everything You Need To Know About Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The premise of the game sounds fantastic, as you play Senua, and the trailer shows some dealings with her psychotic manifestations. Looks rad! The digital actress they have created for Senua is equally as jaw dropping, and I recommend people check out the video below on how they made the magic happen. I love watching behind the scenes for movies and how they created special effects and digital actors, and seeing it happen to this level in video games is incredible. It’s slated for release on August 8th, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


Thumpin’ my Thumper


Another game I’ve been hearing great things about since it’s release on the Nintendo Switch. I picked up Thumper, and man it’s so FUCKIN’ GOOD! It being a violent rhythm game can’t be categorized any better, there’s no other way to describe it. I like to call it the Death Star trench run on acid. It’s pretty tough but once you learn the ins and outs, landing combos in succession is so satisfying, and going along with the obnoxious hard hitting techno track is a rush. I plan to do a full review of this at some point.


Jumping Into Master Mode


I was pretty hesitant on this, and thought I was going to hold out until the holidays to get this the Breath of the Wild DLC upon the release of the champions pack. But after hearing about everyones experiences in Breath of the Wild’s new DLC containing the new Master Mode, I couldn’t resist. Breath of the Wild is easily one of my favourite games of recent memory, and the temptation to jump back in with the new added challenge of new enemy placements along with the recharging health sounded like fun. Well, it turns out it’s FUCKIN’ HARD! But using all the tools of the trade, you can work out some creative ways to take out your enemies. If time allows it, expect to see a post on this and why I’m loving my time back in Hyrule. Since I’ve already beaten the regular mode, I’ll be treading through it at a comfortable pace here and their in handheld mode in preparation for phase 2 of the DLC.


Kickin’ Back With the Crew of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect™_ Andromeda 7_30_2017 4_55_59 PM.png

Last but not least, and easily my biggest endeavour going into August and probably a few months after is Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’ll be a long meaty commitment, but I think I’m back at a place where I want to dive into something huge again. I’ve gotten my first outpost setup, and finally taken part in what makes Mass Effect so great for me. That is picking out every piece of dialogue I can from the games many crew members. I had a blast doing this last night, although they were some awkward dialogue moments encountered. I’m still enjoying the game so far, I certainly don’t think it was nearly as bad as people said, but I understand some of the more civilized criticisms thrown towards the game. Not sure when, but expect a post about my dealing with the crew, and my thoughts on them, as a plot out prospective partners for female Ryder.


10 thoughts on “What’s On the Agenda – August 2017 Edition

  1. Been loving the posts lately man, you’ve really got a knack for writing long-form reviews!

    As for Donkey Kong – I share the same love of that series. Have yet to play Tropical Freeze but I had a hell of a time in DKC Returns 3D. Have you played that one yet? It’s awesome but extremely challenging and can cause a rage or twenty in a matter of hours. Still, incredible game and super rewarding.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks man! I really enjoy doing the long winded reviews, but in moderation. Sometimes it’s cool to just talk about a few things in a game that are great, instead of meticulously breaking down all the relevant sections. I’ll probably over time work out a better review structure where I can use less words and get my point across the same way. I find I get pretty wordy and that makes things tough for me, but for now I’ll keep treading on.

      I had DKC returns 3D, got it from some give away from club Nintendo, but played mostly the Wii version, that’s were the bulk of my brothers and my frustrations were, but overcome eventually. Such a good game.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. interesting, I was looking around for early impressions but haven’t seen anything hands on. I checked out a bit of the 10 minute game play released, don’t want to spoil too much, but liking what I’m seeing. Some pretty trippy and terrifying stuff there. Hope it turns out good.

      I haven’t been following sonic for some time, but just checked out Sonic Mania, really loving the 2D rework on those games. there’s some really cool new stuff in there too. It’s a a good price to, maybe i’ll try it out.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those sound like some heavy-hitting games, sir! (and are some heavy hitting games). That really stinks that the DS crashes and won’t let you finish the game… Hopefully that’ll all be fixed soon!

    You really do have a flair for reviews (I do read them, even if I don’t always have anything interesting to say!), so it’s nice to see your thoughts and have a round-up like this! Also, I’m glad you had fun with the happy post 🙂 It really was nice to see what folks had to say about their loved ones!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hellblade made my wishlist after it popped up on Steam, can’t wait to give that one a go! Thumper kind of intrigues me as well but I’ve watched a couple of videos and I’m not sure I could handle it; I’ll keep an eye out for your review.

    Looking forward to having you on-board for the question of the month too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea Thumper I can see not being for everything, it’s quite demanding in the precision it needs, so not good if you want something that you can just relax with

      very glad to be aboard the QOTM, only a few more days!


      1. I’ve heard so many good things about it though, and it kind of makes me intrigued to play it! But I know that I’m going to totally suck ha ha ha. xD

        Liked by 1 person

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